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Carbide wire cutting disc cutter
Carbide wire cutting disc cutter
Carbide wire cutting disc cutter Carbide wire cutting disc cutter
Product Description
Carbide wire cutting disc cutter

1. The edge is sharp. 
2. Good wear resistance, long service life. 
3.PCB board, circuit board, plastic PVC board and other special cutting blades. 

The characteristics of Tungsten carbide wire  cutter are as follows: 

1. Selected 0.6um subfine-grained WC-TiC-TaC-Co-VC alloy powder is sintered by 17000C high temperature and low pressure after precise moulding. The microstructure inside the cutter has good compactness, which effectively reduces the micropores in the alloy. Improve compactness and avoid edge breaking in grinding and application. 

2. The high precision grinding machine has the advantages of high precision and high finish to the sharp edge of the mirror surface (Ra ≥ 0.012), no breaking edge and no winding edge. The section of the cut pin is flat, smooth, no burr, and inverted foot phenomenon.

3. High hardness, sharp edge, good wear resistance, long cutting cycle. 

4, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, no rust characteristics. 

5, aluminum alloy high density foam packaging, not only beautiful and generous, more important is the implementation of strong protection of the blade, to prevent the blade in the logistics of human injury. 

6, large-scale mass production, WB Carbide standardized production process and strict quality control perfect combination of casting a stable product quality, free of your worries

Tungsten carbide wire cutter products show:

Tungsten carbide wire cutter Normal size :

Tungsten carbide wire cutter Grade :

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