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tungsten carbide rod to Canada
On Jan 5th ,2014 we recevied customer require tungsten carbide rod from Canada , he demand the carbide rod diameter is very big ,diameter is 40mm and the length should be 200mm ,it is very hardness and wear-resistant ,but the very important is TRS .

According Customer demand we recommend our carbide rod Grade UK12 ,The hardness can arrival 91.8 ,TRS is 4000 N/mm² ,Hv30 1600 kg/mm² 

About carbide rod UK12 0.6üm grain size for the fine-grained cemented carbide,usd ite to create the overall carbide tools use a very wide range of brands of type K are the most common carbide in mainly uesd to process steel ,cast iron ,stainless steel .heat-resistent steel, nickel-based and titanium alloys and other stainless usually made into the first twist drill ,end mill ,tap,generic tools,such as gun drilling Materials.

so we have send out UK carbide rod for customer to testing , and he return as it is very good also have return some order for us .

WB carbide all of carbide rod should be inspected strictly ,WB carbde promise if there have anything quality problems ,we acceapt 100% return .

if you want to know more information about tungsten carbide rod ,pls clink here carbide rod to keep in touch with us .

Carbide rod pictures: