Notice :
Tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide button .

Tungsten carbide button also is call tungsten carbide stuck or carbide nail in different countries .

In China we called carbide button .

carbide button is normal using for oil mine ,coal mine or  others need for industy function .it will accriding different function to choose Grade ,normal customers  use for coal or stone mine ,it may choose YG15,YG11C and so on .

If should be keep tungsten carbide button have long life time ,it should be choose Grade which according your function ,also by product details ,raw material ,sinter ...

normal Tungsten carbide button easy be crack of the inside and the head is not good wear-resisting ,how to let tungsten carbide button be wear-resisting ,pls use WB Carbide product carbide button .

below is our australia customer goods picture .