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carbide round cutter /circle cutter
carbide round cutter /circle cutter
carbide round cutter /circle cutter carbide round cutter /circle cutter
Product Description

Tungsten carbide foot cutting machine blade 
cemented carbide disc knife blade 
cutting pvc plate blade 
carbide round cutter 

Details carbide round cutter 

1. The edge is sharp. 
2. Good wear resistance, long service life. 
3.pcb board, circuit board, plastic PVC board and other special cutting blades. 

Normal Grade for pvc board cutter Grade information:

YS.2T: a kind of ultra-fine grain cemented carbide composed of tungsten carbide and bonded metal cobalt. With excellent toughness and wear resistance, it is suitable for low speed cutting. Large front angle is allowed to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge. Thus, the cutting force can be withstood and the surface with high finish can be obtained.

 YL10.2: has high flexural strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for low speed roughing and milling heat resistant alloys, titanium alloys and FRP. 

YG8/YS.2T WB Carbide tungsten disc blade / cemented carbide disc blade / cutting angle machine blade material: 
grade number 

yg8 ys2t performance: sharp, wear-resistant, good toughness and other characteristics, with tungsten steel manufacturing tools, Higher strength than ordinary steel tools is the preferred product to replace high-speed steel. 

Scope: paper, plastic, rubber, electronics, electrical, mechanical and terminal industries, can provide customized services. Carbide disc cutter commonly known as foot cutting machine blade also known as shearing machine blade, foot cutter. Because the shape is round, it is also called a disc cutting knife.

Carbide round cutter normal size 

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