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carbide small ring
carbide small ring
carbide small ring carbide small ring
Product Description
Physical Properties of cemented Carbide small Ring: 

Co 10%  Wc 90%

 Grain size: 0.7 μ m density: 14.5 g / cm3 

Rockwell hardness: 91.8 -92.1 bending strength: 3800nrmm2--4000nmm2

recommended for use: 

1. Manufacture of monolithic carbide cutting tools.

2. Processing common steel, cast iron, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, nickel-based and titanium alloy and other materials. 

3. Used to make wear-resistant parts. Cemented Carbide Tungsten Steel irregular parts non-standard 

cemented carbide ring product details:

1. The hardness and toughness of cemented carbide are increased by 30% after pressure-sintered.

 2. Unique design, improve the performance of cemented carbide ring 20, life-enhancing 30. 

3. Industry leading post-sales protection. 

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